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Hello and welcome to Namloo Divers, the first ever PADI Recreational Training Facility here in sunny Phuket, Thailand.

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Best Diving in Phuket

diving school phuketAt Namloo Divers, we offer a broad range of activities and excursions for travelers. Our main service is providing scuba diving day trips from Phuket. For the serious divers, there are many different areas to explore and discover around Phuket, and once you have had a chance to see it, you'll want to come back year after year, like so many of our customers already do! Our list of services includes day trips and Liveaboards, and for beginners, we also provide PADI dive training and certification courses. For those who are simply out to enjoy the beautiful waters and amazing weather here in Southern Thailand, we provide snorkelling trips and Adventure tours as well, to see some of the local attractions and most popular scenery. Another popular excursion is the liveaboard dive tours, particularly to the Similan Islands. Beautiful underwater formations can be found along with a rich array of marine life. Businesses and working groups are increasingly coming to Phuket for their corporate retreats or training programs. For these groups or even large families, we can provide private charters on any of the above options. Namloo Divers has been in the business for 10 years, with a long record of satisfied customers as evidenced by the number of people we see again and again on their return trips to Thailand. As a team of highly-experienced divers, we are keenly aware of what divers look for on their tours, not just underwater, but also at the shop and during their travels as well. With travelers in mind, we have designed our services, schedules, and pricing to offer the best value for money and the most convenient services. Scuba diving in Phuket Thailand is one of the most popular places to go, and once you experience it, you'll see why. Welcome to visit us on your next tour of Southeast Asia

Diving Day Tours Phuket

diving course phuketNamloo Divers is one of Phuket's most popular and experienced dive shops, providing a wide range of tours and excursions, for both experienced divers as well as first-time snorkelers. Even our non-swimming visitors can enjoy a relaxing sight-seeing visit to some of Thailand's most exotic beaches and beautiful scenery. Phuket is an island rich in history and natural beauty, and offers an amazing experience to all if its visitors. Our business is based in Phuket, diving day trips are provided throughout the week at times that are scheduled for maximum convenience. We provide liveaboard excursions, of which one of the most popular is Similan Islands. These are popular among divers around the world due to the amazing underwater beauty that can be seen, along with a wide range of marine and acquatic life. We also have regular courses available, which includes modules through which students can learn online through PADI e-learning. This approach can greatly decrease the amount of time students spend in a classroom, a benefit that is most important during a vacation. Having already completed online coursework before coming to Thailand, our future divers spend very little time in classroom instruction, and can start enjoying the wonders of the ocean as quickly and safely as possible. Furthermore, our instructors are highly experienced, giving all students individual attention and hands-on service, with an ever-vigilant attention to safety for all divers, both students and certified divers alike. We can also provide in-house training, where an instructor can visit your villa (or home, for local residents) anywhere in Phuket, to deliver the full range of PADI courses. For many people who visit Phuket, scuba diving is their number one priority. Others come simply to enjoy the crystal-clear waters and white sandy beaches. Whatever your journey, please stop by at Namloo Divers and check out a whole new world of travel and adventure.

Diving School Phuket

phuket divingTravelling to Thailand can be a wonderful and fascinating experience, as the country offers so much to travelers, regardless of age and experience. Phuket is one of the most popular destinations in Thailand, and for good reason. The water is clear and warm, the beaches are clean and white, and the scenery and mountains are second to none. Of course, Thai cuisine is one of the world's favorites, as always, served by friendly Thai smiles. For these reasons and many others, tourists have chosen Phuket as one of the most popular destinations, not only in Thailand, but in all of Asia. Namloo Divers would like to be a part of your next visit, and hope that you'll discover a passion for this beautiful part of Asia, just as we have. As part of our passion for the area, we aim to provide visitors with the best experience possible, from sightseeing excursions for the non-swimmers amongst us, to Liveaboards and day long diving trips for the serious diving adventurers. One of our most popular tours is a liveaboard visits to the Similan Islands. This destination is world-famous for its underwater rock formations, as well as the diversity of aquatic life that can be seen around the islands. Some visitors return year after year to see this beautiful location. If you would like to take a dive course, Phuket is a great place to do that, offering some of the most beautiful diving sites in the world as your reward for successfully completing the course. We are the first dive shop in Phuket to receive PADI certification as a PADI Recreational Facility. Furthermore, we provide a full range of courses, which can include private instruction at your villa or vacation home. To make your learning process more efficient, we also have an e-learning platform through which you can complete coursework prior to joining in-class instruction sessions. This feature greatly reduces your time in a classroom and increases your vacation time for enjoying the water and the great outdoors. For your recreational diving as well as training needs, please feel free to contact us for more information. For those who love to scuba dive, Phuket is a favored place among all the places in Asia, and once you visit us, we're sure that you will see why.