PADI Seal Team

4,500 ฿


  • Depth: Confined Water – 4 metres/12 feet
  • Diver Prerequisites: 8 years or older
  • Equipment: Mask, fins, snorkel, scuba cylinder, buoyancy control device, regulator, alternate air source and submersible pressure gauge. Wetsuit and weights as appropriate. (All provided and included by Namloo Divers)
  • Recognition: PADI Seal Team certificate and card, PADI Seal Team Logbook with Aquamission decals.
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The PADI Seal Team Course is designed for children with an appetite for a fantastic adventure. The skills you learn are divided in to two parts.

PART ONE : AQUAMISSION 1-5: We teach you about the basics of recreational SCUBA diving. The underwater missions, if you choose to accept, are the following: Your first breath underwater, mask clearing, buoyancy control, breathing techniques, underwater communication, fin kicks and much more. We execute these missions in a confined water environment under the guidance and leadership of a professional PADI instructor. The core emphasis of these first underwater missions is to learn and implement safe diving practices while having the time of your life.

PART TWO: OK, you have completed your first five aquamissions, are you ready to become a MASTER SEAL TEAM Member? Now that the basic SCUBA skills have been mastered, we now embark on more specific, fun, and challenging aquamissions in confined water. This is where the fun really starts! The aquamissions you will be embarking on include: Identifying aquatic creatures, floating effortlessly underwater, using a compass to navigate, using a flashlight underwater, take photos underwater with an underwater camera, learn to be a safety specialist, search and recover lost objects, skin diving, and learning the skills necessary to be an underwater wreck specialist. In the classroom we also teach you about the cool aquatic life that lives under the sea, explain about environmental awareness and conservation of our underwater environment. You are now part of an elite team as a MASTER SEAL TEAM member!!!!

Your family can also watch beside the pool or relax while having some lunch or shopping nearby in the knowledge that you are having a safe and awesome time with the professionals at Namloo Divers.

As always, we are able to provide you with a professionally edited video and pictures of your aquamission accomplishments.