2,000 ฿

Bubblemaker course standards:

  • Depth: Confined Water – 2 metres/6 feet
  • Diver Prerequisites: 8 years or older
  • Location: Swimming pool
  • Days: 1/2
  • Dives: 1

Equipment: Mask, fins, scuba cylinder, buoyancy control device with low-pressure inflator, regulator and submersible pressure gauge. (All provided and included by Namloo Divers)

Recognition: PADI Bubblemaker certificate and card, Bubblemaker Logbook, Bubblemaker emblems and decals.

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Kids… Are you ready for an amazing adventure? Here at Namloo Divers, we offer the PADI Bubblemaker Course. Just imagine your first breath underwater! WOW! All you need to be is 8 years or older, be comfortable in the water, and have an adventurous spirit.

One of our professional PADI Instructors will take you in to the pool and guide you on a fun and challenging underwater excursion. You will use SCUBA equipment designed for children, the instructor will explain the basics of diving, and we then take you in to the pool. By the end of the 2 hour session you will be comfortably proficient with the following recreational diving skills: floating and breathing effortlessly under the water, understanding the equipment you are using, and using signs to communicate while diving.

All skills are executed in a confined water environment no deeper than two metres/six feet making this educational experience fun, safe, and relaxing.

Your family can also watch beside the pool or relax while having some lunch or shopping nearby in the knowledge that you are having a safe and awesome time with the professionals at Namloo Divers.

As always, we are able to provide you with a professionally edited video and pictures of your first underwater accomplishment.