Namloo Divers offers an extensive range of daytrips all around the Andaman Sea.
Local beach diving on the West side of Phuket, travelling by boat South of Phuket you come across the blue tranquil waters of the Racha Islands, head east to the more advanced dive sites of the East Andaman Sea or head further Southeast where you arrive at the beautiful islands of Koh Phi Phi where spectacular diving can be found throughout the year.

King Cruiser wreck Shark PointKoh Dok MaiAnemone Reef
On the 4th of May in 1997, on a routine trip going from Phuket to Phi Phi Islands, a passenger car ferry named “The King Cruiser” strayed off course and struck the Anemone Reef.
The collision produced a large hole that ripped through the belly of the ferry, sinking her within an hour. The sunken vessel has left the dive community with an amazing wreck dive with an artificial reef. Due to depth and currents, this dive site is for advanced and experienced Open Water Divers.

Being an artificial reef, there is an amazing abundance of marine life that live on and around the wreck. A few of the species that call the King Cruiser home are the following: Scorpion Fish, Stone Fish, Giant Trevally, Lion Fish and a lot of Nudi-Branch. As for coral, you get a different variety of soft and hard corals such as: Elephant Ear Coral, Hemprichs Soft Coral, Leather Coral and the colorful Christmas Tree Worms.
Also, if you are lucky, you may see an old Hawksbill Turtle swimming around.
The wreck itself is 85 meters long by 25 meters wide and is settled in an upright position.
Today the wreck is too deteriorated to penetrate, but there still are large openings that adventurous divers can swim through.

  • Depth: 32 Meters
  • Visibility: 05 / 20 Meters
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Current: Moderate / Strong
  • Type: Wreck
In 1992 the government of Thailand declared Shark Point a marine sanctuary prohibiting all fishing on this site. Therefore, Shark Point is a protected dive site offering a fantastic array of marine life and beautiful corals.
The site has three unique pinnacles, with one breaching the surface. All level of certified divers are welcome on this fabulous dive site. The marine life present on Shark Point ranges greatly from the following: Leopard Sharks, Bamboo Sharks, Green Turtles, Cuttlefish, Octopus, Angel Fish, Stingray and all the reef fish that the Andaman Sea has to offer. With such a vast collection of marine life, there is no shortage of vibrant soft and hard coral ranging from the following: Hemprichs Soft Coral, Solid Table Coral, Octocoral, Orange Cup Coral, Barrel Sponge and the beautiful Giant Gorgonian Fan Coral. Diving this site is best enjoyed at a nice leisurely pace as not to miss the abundant macro life this site has to offer such as Nudibranch, Anemone Crabs and the famous Tiger-Tail Seahorse.

This is “Aquarium” diving at its best!!

  • Depth: 25 Meters
  • Visibility: 05 / 10 Meters
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Current: Mild / Strong
  • Type: Pinnacle/Reef

Koh Dok Mai (Island of Flowers) is located in the East Andaman Sea, South-East of Phuket. The East side is a wall dive that vertically descends down to 26 meters. The West side is a sloping reef that drops down to 18 meters. As for marine life, this is a favorite for macro (small creature) lovers.
You may encounter: The beautiful and elegant Tiger-Tail Seahorse, Ornate Ghost Pipefish swaying in the corals, Anglerfish (Frogfish) and Nudibranchs. Also, if you look in to crevices along the wall, you may see the fantastic site of the Dancing Durban Shrimp hopping around in the hole. The soft and hard corals are abundant on both sides of the island. Barrel Sponges, delicate Whip Coral, the amazing Giant Gorgonian Fan Coral, colorful Tube Coral and Elephant Ear Coral are all vibrant and plentiful.

The fish patrolling the wall are abundant as well and include the following encounters: Yellow Snapper, Giant Trevally, White-Eyed Moray Eel popping there heads out of holes, schools of Great Barracuda swimming by and many more. On the East side of Koh Dok Mai there are two caves. You may only penetrate the larger of these two caves where it is safe to briefly swim around the amazing cave. The small cave is only accessible if you are a “Cavern Specialty” certified diver.

  • Depth: 28 Meters
  • Visibility: 05 / 10 Meters
  • Difficulty: Open Water Diver and upwards
  • Current: Mild / Strong
  • Type: Wall / Slope / Reef


The Anemone Reef is a unique and revered dive site with a huge limestone pinnacle that soars 25 meters up from the Andaman sea floor, to sit just 4 meters from the surface, where it abruptly ends and drops back to a sandy bottom. All certified divers are welcome on this dive site. The barely submerged reef is a well-known shipping hazard (King Cruiser) and is located just 500 meters from Shark Point. The Thai name for this dive site is Hin Jom, which means underwater rock. The site is famous for its Sea Anemones that cling to every conceivable spot on the pinnacle while they swing and sway in the currents.

The profusion of Sea Anemones and the nutrient rich waters attract a parade of reef fish searching for food and shelter. Schools of Yellow Snappers converge around the pinnacle where an abundance of brightly colored soft Anemone Coral flourishes. The famous corals make a stunning home for many different types of Clownfish, such as the colorful False Clownfish (“Nemo”), Skunk Clownfish and Clarkes Anemone Fish. On many days you are able to get personal with juvenile Leopard Sharks swimming around the pinnacle. The site is also complimented by a vast array of hard Solid Table Coral, Slipper Coral, Fire Coral and Barrel Sponge.

  • Depth: 25 Meters
  • Visibility: 10 / 20 Meters
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Current: Mild / Moderate
  • Type: Pinnacle


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