Local Dive Sites around Phuket

Local dive sites in Phuket are stretched along the West side as far north as Ban Tao and down South to Kata.
These are mainly beach dives, or longtail boat (Traditional Thai boats) dives.

Also, Coral Island is only 20 Minutes from Phuket on a longtail, great for diving and snorkelling.

Kamala RockParadise ReefNorth PointKoh PuKata House reefCoral Island
At low tide, Kamala Rock is visible nearby and takes approximately 10/15 minutes to reach from Kamala Beach.  During high tide, the site is totally submerged.
Large boulder rocks make this dive site up with lots of Marine life frequenting the area.
The marine life consists of the following:  Schools of Snappers swimming around the edge of the site, Parrot Fish, Giant Puffer Fish, Seal faced Puffer Fish and little critters hidden in holes formed by these giant boulders such as nudibranchs and shrimps.
Located North of Paradise beach on the South edge of Patong Bay. This beautiful Reef houses many different types of marine life, usual suspects like Moorish Idol, Parrot Fish, Angel Fish, the occasional Moray Eel, and the resident Turtle on the reef searching for Egg Coral to eat.
Lots of soft and hard corals are scattered around this reef: The lovely Soft Anemone Corals (housing for Nimo), Bubble Coral, Compact Coral and Brain Coral are widespread over the reef creating perfect hideouts for the nocturnals during the day.

The maximum depth is only 14 metres on this beautiful reef lending itself to a nice easy dive. Paradise Reef is also a great dive site for night diving, as the reef comes alive with nocturnals, such as crabs, lobsters, Barracuda and Moray Eels in the evening hours.

As its name suggests, this site is located North of Paradise Reef and is in many ways a different dive site altogether.
The topography is mainly clusters of rocks stepping down gradually to a depth of 12 metres with lots of hard corals covering the rocks.
The marine life consists ofmany different types of Surgeon Fish, Parrot Fish and Butterfly Fish all vying for sections of the reef for their food.

Again, this site is great for night diving as well.

Koh Puh is located on the west side of Phuket, near Karon/Kata beach.
Diving off the island, you encounter falling rock topography down to depths of 24 metres with schools of Snapper and Fusiliers patrolling the edge of the rock formation.
The site is also home swim throughs where an abundance of marine life forage around the rocks looking for a meal. Parrot fish, Red Breasted Wrasse and all small critters, such as Nudibranch can be found in the holes created by the rocks and hard corals.
Entrance from the beach takes you towards a sloping reef, starting at 5 metres gently increasing to 12 metres, making this an easy and enjoyable dive site to dive on with local marine life’s usual suspects: Moorish Idols, Parrot Fish, Peacock Mantis Shrimp beadily looking out of there den, Blue Spotted Stingray and as you dive towards the edge of the reef you will encounter schools of Trevallys and Barracuda. Sandy areas are common here making it ideal for training and introductory dives.

Good night diving as well.

South of Chalong on the South end of Phuket is Coral Island. The South side of Coral Island is the best area to dive due to its healthy beautiful corals, Staghorn is plentiful here with all marine life foraging for food among the coral.
Scorpion Fish, Lion Fish and schools of Fusiliers hang around the edge of the wall/reef. Look into the holes and you may see Nudi-Branch, Dancing Durban Shrimps and the not so common Ornate Ghost Pipefish hiding behind Delicate whip coral. Maximum depth on this site is 20 metres with an average diving depth of 10 metres.

This site is also great for snorkelling and night diving.

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