About us

Let me first welcome you to Namloo Divers, PADI’s first Recreational Dive Centre on the Island of Phuket, Thailand. We hope our website is informative and assists you in choosing the right dive course and, most importantly, the right dive centre whilst you are away on your holidays, travels or whether you are choosing a career in diving.

Namloo Divers has been approximately 8 years in the making. We have established Namloo Divers after many years working in the industry and living on the Island of Phuket. As a result of teaching many students over the last 8 years, we decided to set up Namloo Divers to offer students and divers something that wasn’t already available in the industry. What we offer is a family run operation where the student is the most important element. We wanted to offer a safe diving and teaching environment whilst at the same time adhering to PADI’s high safety standards, the result is Namloo Divers.

Tony Lock
Managing Director